Primitive Form

by Guilt

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Stack at Format Audio


released November 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Guilt New Hampshire



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Track Name: False Existence
Always pushing egos
Always selling short
Different walking trash
Who gives a fuck

Absolute waste cases
Leading the imminent
Like disciples

Putrid competition
Of despicable life choices
Feeding on attention
Like rats in the street

We’re driving the nail straight into our coffins
Track Name: Worth
A constant ouroboros of fucking aggression
being lashed as a dog for it's own loyalty
The verbal abuse erodes me to nothing
Pain though, has dragged me down enough

Despair reigns thick in the air around me
Surrounding life in guilt and blame
Nothing but a weak fucking man

Your love rots in it's emptiness
And that's no fucking excuse.
It's a constant beating to be shouldered
Draining the life from this hollow shell
Don't tell me i'm worthless

I'm not fucking worthless
Track Name: Sorrow
Looking through pinholes for the rest of your life
And when you die you'll realize you left nothing behind
Memories of ghosts, bones with no thought
Just the room for roots to grow through your body

Looking through pinholes

Sorrow will kill you slowly
Track Name: Cauterize
Sheltered by splintered wood
Encaged in thorns
Why reap and sew and remove delusions
Of being led by the hand you're chained to

This is expulsion from the world
Termination of heathens
Cauterize "Christ"
Living years of lies
For your hallowed existence
Track Name: Cross Bearer
Commanding on a throne of flesh
Encumbered by indecent anguish
Masking the sick cowards
That seek refuge behind a book

The cross they bear is their falsehood and reason

Set fire to god like moth to flame